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Bengaluru hosts ODR Forum 2023

The International ODR Forum is back to India for the second time. The 22nd International ODR Forum will be held in the Silicon Valley of India at the Bangalore International Centre on 17-18 March 2023!

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Touch, Feel, and Shape the New Now of Online Dispute Resolution

The 22nd International ODR Forum 2023 is a 2-day gathering of 250+ innovators, changemakers and thought leaders across business, society and government, to listen, connect, inspire and imagine together the pathways to advance ODR. The International ODR Forum is the premier global networking event for the ODR community, spearheaded by the National Centre for Technology & Dispute Resolution (NCTDR) since 2002 and held in a different region of the world each year.


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ODR can help resolve disputes quickly, build trust with customers and partners, and reduce the number of cases that go to the courts. A hybrid model of courts (and virtual courts) & ODR would be a steady state of dispute resolution. To combine technology with the most thoughtful, equitable way to enhance dispute resolution for all.

Nandan NilekaniCo-founder, Infosys | Ekstep

The best way to create a successful ODR environment is to build a market for resolutions. For example, 98% of the cases filed in civil courts don’t go in front of a Judge in the US because those cases are resolved prior to a case being formally filed.

Colin RulePresident and CEO,

In the travel and tourism sector, ODR can offer quick data-driven low-cost grievance redressal solutions that significantly benefit customers, and add significant reputational value to OTAs and service providers.

Deep KalraFounder and CEO,

Businesses are focussed on protecting their brand(s) and goodwill. To this end, I see ODR as seminal to brand value, especially for consumer-related issues. Conglomerates may consider implementing ODR systems such that a chunk of disputes are resolved well before they end up in litigation.

Poornima SampathVice President-Group Legal, TATA & Sons

As the world goes digital, dispute resolution must follow suit. ODR is not just an idea whose time has come - it is a necessity for modern businesses.

Rahul MatthanPartner, Trilegal

ODR Forum 2023, Bengaluru, India

ODR Forum 2023, Bengaluru, India

ODR Forum 2023, Bengaluru, India

ODR Forum 2023, Bengaluru, India

ODR Forum 2023, Bengaluru, India

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Frequently asked questions

When will registrations open?

The registrations are now open.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, participants need to pay INR 15,000 or USD 185 for the all access pass for two days at the ODR Forum. The invited speakers will not have to pay any registration fees.

What is covered in the registration fee?

The registration fee includes access to all the events, lunch, and evening receptions at the Forum.

Is the registration fee refundable?

The registration fee is fully refundable, excluding the convenience charges of the payment gateway, if the request for refund is received by 15 January 2023. Post 15 January, you may send someone else in your place, but refunds will not be processed.Β 

When is the last date for registration?

There is no last date for registration, but the passes for the Forum are limited, and we recommend that you apply at the earliest.